Welding: The Benefits of Residual Stress and Stress Relief

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October 27, 2020
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Northwest Industries practices different types of welding techniques including MIG, TIG, Shield ARC, etc. And in addition to welding, NW Industries also uses Meta-Lax Stress Relief Technology due to requirements to maintain coupling alignment when temperatures are high enough to excite the metal stress.

Stress in metal coupling, especially heat stress, is associated with three distinct problems: distortion after metal has been machined or ground; delayed distortion of metal; and premature fatigue failures within the material.

When a weld is backed by stress relief technologies, the stress relief neutralizes the stress, especially stress that is thermally induced, and the common problems associated with stress are eliminated. And it’s even possible to accomplish the stress relief of thermally induced residual stress without changing the mechanical properties of the material or grain structure.

The technology is consistent, and Meta-Lax stress relief technology does not cause a heat-related side-effect on the metal, so the technology can be used on a variety of parts, even those that would be considered incredibly challenging for heat-stress relief; prospects are numerous but common ones include finished and semi-finished parts, assemblies, tubular and structural steel, non-ferrous metals, and hardened metals.


The innovations in materials and processes are numerous when you use Northwest Industries. Precision and quality are important in modern manufacturing. From welding processes to CNC machining. The precision control of CNC machining technology is absolutely advantageous to reproduce parts in high volume and with precision accuracy, it’s time you called Northwest Industries to coordinate and work, in cooperation with you, on your next project. If you have any questions about the services offered by Northwest Industries, or are ready to accomplish your next big project, then call today.

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