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    [/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Pump Safety Hoist
    Northwest Industries of Montana, Inc. manufactures a unique Swivel Base Lifting Crane/Hoist with Strap Winch.
    Model No: P123 Serial Number: _____
    Boom Load Capacity (two position)
    1 – Retracted Lift Weight: 650 lbs.
    2 – Extended Lift Weight: 500 lbs.








    Base and Swivel permanently attaches to the discharge nozzle. The Hoist mounts to the Swivel and reaches both bearing brackets easily to prevent risk of injury to technicians. Base and Swivel is purchased separately and mounted permanently on each pump. Then only one Hoist per station or per technicians’ truck is necessary.
    Call 406-248-2813 for details or download the product manual.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


    Our patented Mechanical Seal Gland Facing Tool has been in development for more than twenty years and used exclusively by Northwest Industries of Montana, Inc. Pump Rebuild Center. Tried, evaluated, and proven in the field and in the shop for many years.

    “95% of all maintenance problems are due to component misalignment.”
    The FACING TOOL is Northwest Industries of Montana, Inc. contribution and solution to re-establish perpendicularity with precision, exceptional surface finish, quick setup, and ease of operation in the field or in a repair shop. This process impacts seal and bearing life mean time between failures and mean time between maintenance when seal chamber tolerances are better than API-610 allowance. If there are bearing misalignment the inspection process corrects them.

    A Maintenance Manager’s best friend is an alternative when the cost of Mechanical Seals and lost downtime are unpredictable. Production losses and expense associated with removing an unscheduled pump from service, shipping to a service center for repair, certainly cries out for a practical alternative while juggling maintenance events and production demands on a budget.

    The Facing Tool is the Maintenance Manager’s alternative. The tool design was primarily for in-between bearing horizontal pumps equipped with Mechanical Seals on both ends. Evaluate each project on a case-by-case basis.

    API-610, eighth edition;, reads, “Mechanical seal performance depends on the runout conditions at the mechanical seal chamber. Seal chamber face runout is a measure of the perpendicularity of the face to the shaft axis. This runout (TIR) shall not exceed 10 μm per 20 mm (0.0005 in./in.) of seal chamber bore.”

    Mechanical Seal manufacturers would agree 100% with that statement. In other words, Mechanical Seal performance can be at its best with zero TIR! Value added API-610 standards!

    Extending the service life of Mechanical Seals and other external pump components in the field by at least two mechanical technicians in one day. Maintenance Managers can begin to get a handle on Mechanical Seal leakage with preventive maintenance events by equipping their team with a Facing Tool Kit.

    Call 406-248-2813 to request a download of our Facing Tool Operating Instructions and current price sheet.

    Call 406-248-2813 or Toll Free 888-817-2511 for more details.