Facing Tool


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    GOOD NEWS!! We have a professional solution to maximize Mechanical Seal life by machining the pump seal face chamber perfectly true with the centerline of the Rotor for a 0.000″ indicator runout and do it in the field. This is what API says: “Mechanical seal performance depends on the runout conditions at the mechanical seal chamber. Seal chamber face runout is a measure of the perpendicularity of this face to the pump shaft axis. This runout (TIR) shall not exceed 0.0005” per inch of seal chamber bore” (API-610; So maximum performance would be 0.000″ TIR at the seal chamber gland face. NWI has a patent pending ‘Facing Tool’ designed to do just that! (Call us for more information on how to check your seal chamber for TIR (Total Indicator Runout).

    NOTICE to all Plant and Maintenance Managers: You can save many MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) dollars by extending Mechanical Seal service life by improving seal chamber face runout.


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