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    INDUSTRIAL SERVICE CENTER for reconditioning and servicing of all types of pumps and components. Serving the petroleum, refinery, pipeline, municipal water plants, commercial and agricultural industries. Pump and Motor Skid design and manufacturing for complete ‘turn key’ systems. We work directly with your Engineers and Designers to put together a system that fits your needs.

    EFFICIENCY UPGRADES to get the most out of mainline pumps with high-tech materials such as: VespelĀ® CR-6100, Tungsten Carbide HVOF coatings (Jet Kote or Tafa); PEEK and other carbon fibers of your choice. Let us help you extend service life through increased pump efficiency and less maintenance with these products; even bearing housing upgrades that will help manage MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) and actually help you recuperate upgrade costs through better performance and less maintenance. Give us the opportunity to work for you!

    PERFORMANCE BENEFITS: There are additional benefits and savings by running closer tolerances and clearances-they dampen vibration for smoother performance. . .this in turn extends service life of Mechanical Seals and bearings. That means less down times and less maintenance (MTBF). These tighter clearances require closer attention to internal alignment in regard to geometric tolerancing (trueness of faces and registers in regard to perpendicularity, concentricity, straightness, etc. to a common centerline). Geometric tolerancing is most important for equipment service life. So whether you are rebuilding a pump fitted with OEM materials or improved high efficiency materials, knowing how to achieve these tolerances is critical. This is where it is very important to use a rebuild center that understands and knows how to achieve this alignment so that you, as the end user, can take advantage of the benefits received from increased service life through pump efficiency improvements. This is the reputation our company has built over the many years.

    SPECIALITY TOOLS AND UPGRADE PARTS: visit our catalog section for many items to add SAFETY and improve ease of maintenance to keep your pumps pumping. We have a variety of alignment jacking blocks and a complete Flush Tubing mounting system to streamline your system and add professional appearance to your pump station. We offer 24-7 warehousing for your critical parts to be delivered at a moments notice. (Call 406-248-2813 or Toll Free 888-817-2511 for more details.)

    COMPLIANCES: API-610, SAE and ANSI Standards. Whatever your requirements are, we are prepared to comply in every way possible. If you have written Plant Maintenance Standards we will comply with them.

    MEMBER OF: DOT Department; National Compliance Management Service (NCMS).

    DOCUMENTATION: NWI keeps controlled records of disassembly and assembly findings and we submit Rebuild Reports at the end of the project. All NWI manufactured products are done by approved drawings; drawing dimensions are initialed by two persons (Quality Control and Quality Assurance) and the drawing becomes a permanent record with the project.

    Our company was built on a great principle of serving others so that they can be successful. We look forward to helping your TEAM in 2013 which may be more challenging than at any other time in our nations history. . . but there is one thing that the Team at NWI has learned and is committed to: COOPERATION will win over competition EVERY time! We understand budget constraints that plant and maintenance managers are often held to because we are a business as well. Our Team Leaders will communicate pump internal and external issues with you throughout every project and explain the pro’s and con’s of repair or not to repair so that you have the information necessary to get the best rebuild possible-service life and performance is of great importance! We are here to SERVE and you are in the drivers seat and we want you to be successful.

    ‘TURN KEY’ REBUILT SYSTEMS NWI can recondition an entire Unit so that you can take advantage of new materials and technology to recuperate costs through better pump performance. Every building contractor knows that the final home finish-the little details-take up most of the time before the owners can move in. No doubt you have experienced the same thing! So let us do the detailing for you in a clean in-house environment. All the Flush Tubing hardware components are in our NWI stock. No welding required-the tubing is mounted to Stainless Turbine Nut Rings that attach easily and can be removed easily. NWI designed components make it easy to run tubing with the contour of the pump for a clean professional look that your Team can do easily in the field.

    Check our Catalog for Flush Tubing hardware! Call 406-248-2813 or Toll Free 888-817-2511 for more details.


    Our company has worked hard to build on one great principle of serving others so that they can be successful.

    We look forward to helping your Team in 2018 which may be more challenging than ever before.


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