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    Dynamic Computer Balancing

    International Standard ISO 1940/1 is a widely accepted reference for selecting rigid rotor balance quality. We comply with API, ISO and MIL-STD-167-1 balance tolerances. Unbalance is the most common source of vibration in machines with rotating parts. Balancing of rotors prevents excessive loading of bearings and seals and avoids fatigue failure, thus increasing the useful life of machinery. Using the latest IRD®195 we have rotor capacity of up to 5,000 lbs., 72” diameter, and 96” between bearing support centers. Each certified report is signed by two technicians (QA & QC). Compliance with balancing standards is important, but we do not stop there … we remove as much residual unbalanced as possible. But there is much more.

    There is always residual unbalance remaining in a balanced rotor. And in a pump, this is where tracing internal fluid-flow patterns: vane staggering, impeller inlet obstructions, case volute tongue “b” gaps, become important. Fluid, gas, or air flowing across any surface obstruction produces eddy currents which are frequencies that excite remaining residual unbalance in a balanced rotor. So, there are other things involved when rebuilding pumps, and our Team of pump builders are aware of these things.

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