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Manufacturing is a word that gets tossed around a lot in political circles; politicians love to use the word as an umbrella over the many, many jobs that are either purportedly lost or gained in a current or past administration. We often use the word when discussing the impacts of globalization, and the loss of manufacturing jobs on our home soil due to, among other things, manufacturing costs.

Both of these definitions of the word are mostly true, although what’s not often discussed is why manufacturing is important, beyond the basics, and why manufacturing is so vital to our local economies.

One thing that’s not often considered is the impact of cost. When you manufacture something locally, for a local customer, and using a local product, the cost of the product is typically less. Sometimes considerably less than if the customer were to outsource the job.

If you remove shipping costs for local customers, and eliminate delivery costs, it could have an immense financial impact on the end product. And when you do business locally, and source the materials locally, it does improve the community’s economy.

And when you do work locally, you hire workers that are professionals. These aren’t folks looking to bounce around the workforce, job-to-job, week-to-week. These are folks who are either looking for skilled work or have studied and received degrees in engineering, science, technology, etc.

When manufacturing stays local, the innovations found and practiced are passed on to future generations of workers, keeping businesses viable and sustainable.

For most of your manufacturing needs, Northwest industries is ready to help you from design to finished product. The drive for cooperation and innovation will prove successful. If you have any questions about how Northwest Industries can help you, then call today.

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