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January 17, 2020
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April 11, 2020
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Did you know that there is a shortage of workers in the United States? And the gap is ever-widening (hopefully the numbers of pandemic-related unemployment improves soon).

Because of the shortage manufactures have had to rely on technologies such as VR and apprenticeship programs to recruit and train and ultimately retain the next generation of workers. Even in a good economy there are reasons for a worker shortage.

Modern theorists believe that American workers are still held to the professional blue-collar standards of the past. Workers once were trained in a profession and continued in that profession throughout their life; it wasn’t too long ago that it was more than common for a blue-collar worker to work for a single employer for their entire career.

That’s where training and re-training (when needed) are vitally important to the modern worker.  But it also says something about the importance of manufacturing in our own country.

Modern companies have for decades now moved operations out of the country, and plants and warehouses close or are moved frequently. It’s possible that instability erodes confidence in these companies, and the modern blue-collar worker, filled with worry and doubt, doesn’t want to dedicate time and effort into what’s likely to become an unstable career. 

That means that we need to support those companies who are willing to work on U.S. soil and who are providing quality training to workers. Employers willing to train and re-train workers when needed, especially now when so many experienced workers from the boomer generation are soon to retire.

We should insist on products that are American made, because if we are not supporting those companies providing quality products and promoting a healthy American workforce, then those companies may eventually be unable to compete.

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