Modern Manufacturing
August 3, 2021
Welding and Fabrication
September 17, 2021

For many reasons, manufacturing products one at a time by hand has become antiquated (There are craftsmen out there who produce spectacular products, but their products and processes of manufacturing don’t necessarily translate to modern manufacturing processes). Manufacturing processes have been streamlined, and products are made to be reliably precise; it’s prevalent in manufacturing from the initial design to the finished product. Modern processes also keep the cost of production within reason.

One type of modern manufacturing process that has been adopted throughout the industry is CNC Machining. It’s a precise method of building a product. It uses automated software to build a repeatable product with precision. The computer program controls the production; it communicates with the tools and machinery to build the product. And the product can be built quickly and the results are repeated with precision.

CNC machining is becoming ever-more popular. It’s used in the medical industry for numerous tasks. For instance, medical components require frequent customization, and the specs at which medical appliances need to be built are precise. With CNC Machining, the parts have accurate dimensions. And this type of manufacturing processes is used to build implants, artificial joints, bone implants, rod implants, etc. Even the screws and components to operate a ventilator can be built through CNC technology.

In the electronics industry CNC machining shines. It’s especially important in the prototype process. Most devices require solid prototypes before they are put into service. CNC machining allows the initial prototypes to be both solidly built and be evaluated and redesigned well-before the device is sold to customers.

If you have a product that you hope to build, regardless of the industry in which you plan to put the product into service, trust the team at NW Industries to make your idea a reality. With modern manufacturing processes and a team-oriented approach that’s focused on communication, NW Industries can help you achieve your goals in both the design and manufacturing processes. If you have any questions about how NW Industries can help you achieve your goals, then call today.


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