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February 19, 2021
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NW Industries understands that an integral component of the production process is prototype and design. If you have a well-considered design and prototype you will eventually have a solid product. SolidWorks is the computer program used for the prototype and design process; the program saves the customer both their time and money due to the efficiencies in the design process. It’s a software program that uses CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) to create a product efficiently and precisely.

There are advantages to using a product such as SolidWorks. For instance, while the designer is using the program they can, at any point in the process, modify the design on the fly, and as often as necessary. In the past, 2D programs made it difficult to achieve the same level of efficiency, requiring much more time to make changes and then witness those changes in the design.

When a designer uses SolidWorks, they can do photo realistic renderings, develop Cad drawings, and simulate the design. The real-time advantages to SolidWorks make it a versatile and important tool, and because of its versatility and efficiency, its usage can determine whether or not a product succeeds.

NW Industries is committed to producing the best possible product. Design and prototype work are a vital component to quality production, but success is built on a many tiered process that puts a premium on customer satisfaction. It’s a process of cooperation between the team at NW Industries and the customer. Every team within the company has a leader. And if you have any questions about how NW Industries can help you achieve your goals, then call today.


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