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May 5, 2021
Modern Manufacturing
August 3, 2021

Every quality product is born from inspiration. But it can be difficult, especially in today’s world, to experience the type of epiphany that those of us who create and build routinely experience. There are ways to find inspiration, however, although we may have to work for it. Here’s a few ideas that will hopefully spark your creativity…

To begin, it’s a good idea to get out of your comfort zone. The shower isn’t the only place where good ideas are born. Consider travelling, even if for a few hours, to somewhere unexpected. Travel somewhere where you can immerse yourself in a new place or culture.

It’s also a good idea to walk routinely. While you walk try to unpack the ideas that are no doubt packed into your mind; the walk is important to both focus and harness upon creative thoughts, but it’s also good for relaxation and a break from work. Nature is a terrific place to both relax and find inspiration for new ideas. And nature could mean anything between the extremes of a hike in the mountains and a stroll in the park.

Listening to music is also a terrific way to both relax and possibly find inspiration. To combine music and reading could do great things for the mind, give the sub consciousness a chance to unpack, build upon ideas that once seemed foggy or too thin.

And if you’re able it’s a great idea to temporarily let go of deadlines and experiment. If an idea seems plausible and exciting, then bring it into reality and see how it stacks up. Many times the idea grows into something even more exciting after experimentation reveals what does and does not work about an idea.

Hopefully you find creative success. And for making all of your dreams a reality, remember to rely on the experience and innovative processes of your professional team at NW Industries.


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