January 28, 2022
The Importance of a Prototype
April 27, 2022

When we talk about precision, it’s a word that often gets split between two key components of production: engineering and manufacturing. Precision engineering involves the initial stages of production, involving the design and development of components; the components in the introductory stages are engineered to highly accurate standards. When we talk about manufacturing, it’s the processes that are involved in the building of the component. And while these manufacturing processes are becoming ever-more technologically advanced and interesting, it’s important to note that when you choose a reputable team like NW Industries to help design and prototype your product, the time and money saved down the line will be significant.

Modern manufacturing revolves around three key concepts for success: precision, accuracy, and tolerance. Accuracy often refers to how close the measurement of the product is to the actual signal value of the design. The precision is the degree to which these measurements vary between items. And while there is always going to be some leeway in the manufacturing processes, tolerances are the predetermined level of variation that are acceptable. And when tolerances are met or not reached the finished product is built with both accuracy and precision.

Products that rely on precision manufacturing are many, but CNC machine technologies rely on these concepts to create. If you don’t know what a CNC machine is then know that it’s essentially a technologically advanced lathe. The machine is guided with computer software programs that helps to reduce any errors in vibration and motion, even tool wear and tear. CNC machines can deliver precise, repeatable results.

If you have any questions about how NW Industries can help you build your product with precision and accuracy, then don’t hesitate to call NW Industries today.


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