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Modern Manufacturing: “Smart” Factory Success
April 11, 2020
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Automation vs Human Labor
July 2, 2020

Modern manufacturing will see significant change in this age of the current pandemic. In this current manufacturing climate, manufacturing businesses are experiencing some extremely challenging conditions. Businesses that have operated without fail will close their doors and smaller businesses could be called upon to keep up with demand. For instance, big companies such as Ford were recently contracted by the government to build ventilators; small companies everywhere have adopted the task of building masks and surgical gowns for first responders and acute care hospital employees.

In the very recent past the globalization of supply chains was strong, and countries relied on other countries for production. But the recent pandemic has turned companies big and small to look to their home soil for production. If we begin to manufacture more goods here in the United States, we avoid many of the pitfalls and potential vulnerabilities inherent in relying on other countries. Manufacturing goods in our own country gives manufacturing businesses a higher level of control over goods produced and provides a greater visibility of operations.

Automation and self-reliance and well-trained professional employees will drive innovation. Tackling the many inherent challenges in today’s manufacturing climate will only make our country stronger; businesses will be forced to innovate and implement new strategies to meet manufacturing demands.

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