Successful Manufacturing: The Importance of CNC Engineering
September 17, 2021
The Ever-Widening Skills Gap
January 28, 2022

Since the advent and widespread implementation of interconnected technologies, manufacturing has changed drastically; modern manufacturing relies on automation and real-time data—a technological feat. Modern manufacturing relies on machines to learn from processes. The topic of modern manufacturing is an important and interesting one. Manufacturers are embracing technologies such as CNC machining to deliver repeatable results created with precision accuracy. And manufacturers are embracing this type of technology because the quality of the product has improved and the speeds at which products can be created are unprecedentedly quick. And when products can be built quickly and efficiently both manufacturers and their customers benefit.

When automation is discussed it’s oftentimes given a bad name. No one appreciates seeing machines taking over a person’s job. It’s true to certain extent that machines have taken over certain responsibilities within the warehouse, and there is considerable talk over what to do about the ever-increasing skills gap, a gulf grown wider with technological innovations. And while the days of assembly-line type manufacturing are gone, and have been gone for some time, modern manufacturers will always need skilled employees.

NW Industries can successfully build the product you need, beginning with the design and initial prototype to the machining work and eventual timely delivery of a final product. While technological innovations may have taken over some of the processes of manufacturing, NW Industries customer service approach, delivering products on a timely schedule that are priced competitively.

If you have any questions about the manufacturing processes used at NW Industries, from prototype and design to machining, then call today.

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