The Importance of a Prototype
April 27, 2022
Manufacturing Success at NW Industries
April 27, 2022

If you have never before considered the potential success you could have from precision CNC manufacturing, or the financial gains to be found once you embrace such an efficient and effective technology, then there are a few reasons why you should consider it. Your manufacturing partners at NW Industries can help you achieve the product you hope for through CNC machining. Here’s how…

CNC machining adopts several tools including lathes, drills, and mills to effectively and precisely build a product with precision accuracy and repeatable results. It uses a computer generated 3-D model to create an item that perfectly matches the prototype (Prototypes can either be developed by you or in conjunction with your team at NW Industries; or, rely on previous builds). If you have ever watched a 3-D Printer work its magic, using liquefied plastics to build up a product, then know that the CNC machine does the operation in reverse, removing material with the use of tools.

CNC machines are used to create a wide-variety of products. In aerospace components, CNC tech is used to build both tools and components. The precision and repeatability of the CNC technology enables the user of aerospace tool to do precise work on machines and components anywhere in the world. In the culinary world CNC technology creates spoons and spatulas, mixing bowls and other tools that can be built to precise specs and recreated.

If you have any questions about how NW Industries can help you build the product you need, or if you have questions about building a product that you’ve always dreamed of building but didn’t because of the inherent difficulties of building without the precision and efficiency of CNC machining, then call your professional team at NW Industries today.

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