Who We Are

Our objective at Northwest Industries of Montana, Inc. is to produce the best product and value for its customers and long time friends: To optimize our quality control system, pricing, and on-time delivery. To train our employees to be in good standing with the company and community. To manage and maintain our operations, facilities and procedures, being ever efficient and serving for the good of customers and the industry.

What We Do

petroleum pumps

Precision Cnc Machining

Precision computer controlled machining (CNC) gives us an advantage in reproducing high volume parts to save your time and money.

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Balancing and Alignment

Job Contracting

Northwest Industries of Montana offers a specialized On-site machining service that will correct your alignment problems. with only ONE SETUP!

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Babbitt Bearings Technology

Conventional Machining

Northwest Industries of Montana offers a wide array of machining services for both conventional and CNC, including Turning and Boring, Milling.

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SolidWorks Billings mt

Welding and Fabrication

We provide most all welding processes: MIG, TIG, Shield Arc, Koike Aronson® Opical Trace Cutting (4 head), metal fabrication and weldments

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Babbitt Bearings Technology

Prototype and Design

Northwest Industries of Montana provides prototype design and manufacturing services utilizing SolidWorks® as the main design engine.

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Prototype and Design and Manufacturing

Industrial Pump Rebuilding

Northwest Industries of Montana provides Industrial Service Center for reconditioning and servicing of all types of pumps and components.

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Welding and Fabrication

Babbitt Bearings Technology

With our solid modeling and machining capabilities we can assure top quality and accurate sleeve bearing tolerances both geometric and dimensional.

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Conventional Machining

Balancing and Alignment

Northwest Industries has IRD® with up to 5,000 pound rotor capacity, 72″ diameter, 96″ bearing centers with computerized balance data report.

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Northwest Industries of MT, Inc. is ISO 9000 Compliant

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About Us

Our company was founded in 1991 with a vision and goal unique in today’s competitive marketplace. Instead of an attitude of competitiveness, we are focused on a service oriented attitude of “cooperation”. Since our founding, Northwest Industries of Montana, Inc. has striven to improve its operations, equipment, facilities and dedicated personnel.

With the help of leading edge technology, we are continually improving performance and quality service to provide precision satisfaction guaranteed products and services to ALL we serve.

NorthWest Industries of Montana, Inc. is located in a geographical area that offers a healthy, well balanced environment to raise a family and enjoy a unique quality of life that is becoming rare.

We are continually looking for employees who stand up for integrity, hard work, honesty, and with good moral character attributes. If this is you, go to the employment page.

Leading Edge Precision Software

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Our company has worked hard to build on one great principle of serving others so that they can be successful.

We look forward to helping your Team in the years ahead.


Northwest Industries of Montana, Inc.

207 Reynolds St,

Billings, MT 59101

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